Time to empower ourselves with Yoga!

It’s been 10 months now since the Pandemic altered our Life for ever! We find ourselves in Lockdown 3 – been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

If the last 10 months have shown us one thing then it’s: the only thing we can truly rely on is ourselves!

The penny has finally dropped – a Eureka Moment! Time to take charge, take responsibility for ourselves, no longer relying on anything or anyone on the outside to rescue us. Time to trust our own innate Power!

Golly, how blessed are we to have Yoga in our Life! This amazing ancient Science of Inner Well Being handed down to us over more than 5000 years. Reminding us that deep inside us at the core of our Being we are all-powerful – we have everything we could possibly need inside us already! Time to tap into this Power and vaccinate ourselves from the inside!!!!

Yoga is Union! Union with Life itself – we are meant to be alive!!! So let’s do everything in our power to keep ourselves happy, healthy and strong – inside out!

How can we boost our Immune System? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Wake up with a Smile! – It makes you feel good, it relaxes our Being and our muscles and give us a positive start to the day!
  • Start your day with Agni Sara in the bathroom to boost your Digestive System! A strong Digestive System equals a strong Immune System, as our Digestive System is the seat of our Immune System! – we are practising Agni Sara in our Yoga Classes to empower you to practice on your own! Let’s stir up that Agni (Fire) in our belly!
  • After your warm shower turn the dial to cold for a couple of breaths or minutes! I am currently on about 2mins and that’s perfect for me. Go with your own inner guidance on this. Look at my previous blog posts to indulge in the vast benefits of having cold showers!
  • Do your Sadhana – our daily Yoga Practice! Even a couple of minutes daily Sadhana will make such a difference to your Life! Our Living Yoga Practice in our Yoga Classes is geared towards empowering you to be able to internalise all the different Flows so you may easily practice on your own! Doing the same Sadhana every day allows us to delve deeper, grinding out our “impurities” and revealing our True Nature over time! Your daily Sadhana clears your mind, strengthens your body and oxygenates our system through pranayama – constant purification and strengthening inside and out!
  • Go out into Nature! Go for walks, spend time in your garden – just get out there to ground yourself, be in tune with Nature and get some rays!!! Even on a cloudy day there is something like 500 times more light outside than inside – and golly we need those rays and the Vitamin D from it!
  • Eat well and drink enough water! We all know that, don’t we! And here is something that absolutely made my day: you can eat anything you wish – just as long as you eat it consciously!!! Love it! If we eat consciously we feel gratitude for our food that ultimately is life and life energy, we digest it well and it benefits our system and turns into life energy for us!
  • and go to bed before midnight! The quality of sleep before midnight is so much better than after midnight! Observe it for yourself! Our body needs this quality time of rest to function properly – according to Ayurveda the time for our system to do its “recovery process” is from 22.00 to 2.00am – so we better be asleep to allow it to do that for our system to work at its optimum!

You see dear Yogi Friends, we have the POWER!

Looking forward to seeing you on the virtual Yoga mat to continue our journey of EMPOWERMENT!

Silvia <3