The healing effect of being utterly in the moment

On Sunday I managed to do something I have been meaning to do for a long time: seizing the moment and just painting. Golly, I am not the worlds greatest painter by any means and it’s been absolutely ages since I last painted a picture – we are talking years! Yet, I do remember how much I enjoyed it just being in the moment and painting away, expressing myself with beautiful colours on paper.

So this Sunday it really hit me: what am I doing constantly being busy with all kinds of things like feeling I have to do something for our lovely Dance & Yoga School or I have to clean, or I have to be gardening or sorting something out – STOP! Yes, I thought: STOP – seize the moment and make the most of Lockdown 2! This is a gift, girl – you won’t get that chance again in a hurry! For goodness sake make the most of this time and just stay in the moment!

So I took my acrylics out and a large piece of paper and started to first outline what I wanted to express and then started to paint…I was utterly in the moment and utterly in flow…I decided to express the amazing growth I have experienced since I first arrived in the UK in 1986…an innocent budding rose filled with Love and sunshine…a growing plant wishing to grow…and then going through some darkness…a broken heart…self doubt…insecurity…fear…and coming out of it…my deep journey with Yoga…the deepest gratitude I feel for having been able to deepen my knowledge of Yoga and my huge journey of discovery, purification and transformation …always driven by this urge to grow even more…

Time just melted away as I expressed my feelings onto paper…I was utterly in flow…loving every minute of it…

When the moment of completion came…I felt complete relief…something inside me had shifted…had left me for good…I felt free, cheerful and full of energy…I had shed something onto this large piece of paper filled with colours and symbols of my Journey here in the UK up to this moment…and I had expressed my deep urge for more growth…a longing greater than ever! 

Something inside me had healed…had gone for good…and brought me right to this very moment – the here and now. I woke up the next morning and I virtually jumped out of bed – full of vigour, full of joy! 

This moment I took to absolutely seize it with both hands and be in the here and now so utterly and completely has left me completely centered …able to be in every single moment and feeling utterly contented…making the most of this time I have to just be and loving every minute of it! 

And my picture hangs on the wall as a living proof of the amazing healing I have experienced by allowing myself to just be in the moment and expressing my heart!

May this inspire you to see the gift of this time and make the most of it! Yoga means Union – to be in Union with Life and every gifted moment…experiencing the utter peace and joy of the moment…right here…right now…

Express yourself and allow yourself to just be!

Om Shanti 

Silvia 🙂