Sunday 13Oct19 Full “Hunter’s Moon” in Aries

Dear Sol Yoga Friends,
It’s a Full Moon this coming Sunday and a very Special Moment for all of us!
All through Libra Season, one of the main themes we have been working on is our relationships. These include our relationships with others, our body, our mind, our soul, our money, and the world around us, and on October 13th, these lessons will peak with the Aries Full Moon. At this time, we are going to be encouraged to think about what next steps need to be taken or what new strategies need to be put into place when it comes to how we view our relationships.
– Tanaaz, Forever Conscious
What is your relationship with yourself? Is it time you gave yourself a bit more attention? Is it time to reflect on yourself and made yourself number one?
October and the Beginning of Autumn are the perfect time to bring “ourselves home” and become more reflective and started to care for ourselves a bit more. And there is no place like the Yoga Mat to go on this Journey of Discovery, Purification & Transformation!

Om Jyoti
Silvia 🙂