It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for YOU!

We find ourselves at the beginning of a New Year, at the beginning of the new 20s – the beginning of a New Era. We live in tumultuous times both in nature and in our outgrown political systems. It can easily make us feel powerless and trapped. Yet, Life in its essence is there for us to grow in! Life is always about us and about our own individual journey and what matters is how we are with Life! We need to remind ourselves of this and never lose sight of the real reason why we are here in our beautiful planet Earth. Life is breathing us and Life is living us – so we are alive and have a role to play in Life!

Each and every one of us is immensely powerful. We are able to affect our surrounding just by being. We are able to affect our surrounding by making wise choices and acting them out. Yet, so few of us are aware of this power.

So how are we able to discover our own inner power and how are we able to tap into it to change our Life for the better?

Yoga has been given to us the most wonderful method to take an inward journey and discover our own inner power. By moving our body in synchronicity with our breath we are opening up and travelling deeper inside ourselves. Over time we are discovering subtle changes and our body and our system are giving us feedback. We are starting to listen more and more and trusting in our own feelings, hunches and feedback from our system.

At this very moment in our Life, it has become so important for us to be aware of our own power. This is a big Call Up for us to take responsibility for ourselves, for our own well-being for our own healing process for our own Life. Whatever is going on outside, whether it be in our own country or world wide – we are able to lead a joyful and fulfilled life and we discover that we have the power to make a difference in our own Life as well as globally! As more and more of us are waking up to our own innate power and happiness that resides in us at all times as it is our true nature – we are collectively affecting our surroundings and our beautiful planet Earth! Life is meant to be joyful and we are the change that is making it happen! 🙂

Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

May all being find their happiness within themselves

Om Jyoti

Silvia 🙂





Thursday, 26Dec19 – Happy Boxing Day with a powerful Solar Eclipse!

Happy Boxing Day 2019!

We have woken up to a powerful Solar Eclipse this morning! A Solar Eclipse means that the Moon covers the light from the Sun – it stand between the Earth and the Sun. This happens during the New Moon. The New Moon calls us to draw within, be more reflective and uncover our inner most potential. The Solar Eclipse allows us to tap into this potential and unleash an energy of change over the next couple of months! A new beginning on our journey of becoming more and more our authentic Self!

With warmest Christmas Wishes to you all!

Silvia 🙂

Sunday 22Dec 2019 – Happy Winter Solstice!

This morning at 4.19 UTC our sun was at its lowest point at sunrise and today is the shortest day of the year, the shortest amount of daylight. So let’s make the most of it!

This Winter Solstice marks a turning point – more light coming in from now on. The days are getting longer again. It’s a celebration of the rebirth of the sun, a rebirth of the light! And it is no coincidence that this is celebrated at the same time as the birth of Jesus!

Christmas is the celebration of light! Light over darkness. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus, who came to show us that we all carry this light within us – every single one of us. No need to despair in the darkness – our own inner light is always shining brightly within. Yet the darkness is necessary – the darkness invites us to travel within and become more reflective. Reflecting on where we are at this point and this reflectiveness strengthens our roots, just like any tree.

The Winter Solstice marks the turning point – a new beginning, a fresh start, light coming into our life, renewed energy, renewed vision of where we are going!

Time for celebration!

Savour this day! Savour the Power of the Winter Solstice and ask yourself where you are this very moment and where you see yourself going!

Om Surya (Sun)

Silvia 🙂





Yoga – a great Tonic for Life!

As I am writing this we are in the midst of the turmoil of our looming general election in our country and who knows where we find ourselves as you are reading this.

This is life in all its glory! Challenges on a local scale, on a global scale and in our very own personal life.

Yes, it does seem particularly tumultuous at the moment and a lot of us are facing challenges on a personal level at the same time. When this happens, we feel we have to drop everything and just focus on the challenge at hand – putting all our energy into it. And we tend to drop the things we enjoy…somehow feeling indulgent if we continued. Yet, where does this energy supply come from? How come we feel so easily depleted of our energy?

This energy supply has to come from somewhere. There is limitless supply of energy around us – Life Energy. How are we able to tap into it and keep our own energy supply up?

Well, here is the great news: we have all the energy we need inside us already – it’s just that we allow life to deplete us and we cut off our energy supplies. So how are we able to wake up our energy inside us and replenish ourselves?

One of the most enjoyable ways we can do this is with Yoga! Yoga are a great Tonic for Life! Yoga stirs up our own energy and replenishes and nourishes us from the inside!

And it truly is “Feelgood Yoga” – wow! You’ve got to experience it for yourself of what Yoga does for you and you will never look back! Yoga is meant to be simple and it is meant to be for everyone. My role as a Yoga Teacher is to “empower you” to make Yoga part of your life and have an “Energising Tool for Life” – as simple as that!

Give yourself a “Fresh Kick Start” in 2020, embrace Life in all its fullness and make Yoga your great Tonic for Life!

Looking forward to welcoming you on the Yoga mat this New Year 2020!

Om Jyoti (Light)

Silvia 🙂

Our Female Journey

Om Yoginis,

For those of you having been on one of our “Heal & nourish yourself with Yoga” Workshops focusing on “The Wonder of Menopause”, you are aware that every month we are following the circle of going through all seasons: spring, summer, autumn & winter. Our winter period coinciding with the New Moon.

Could you feel the influence of the New Moon this Tuesday?

Golly, I certainly could! I felt like crawling back into my shell and just being there in beautiful solitude – a little hermit crab.

And at the same time, I can now feel myself coming out of it again….slowly opening up to the spring phase of my cycle. Slowly waking up to life again, venturing more outwards….feeling a little more social….wishing to be with people again…going out there…waking up just like spring time!

And the more I stay in tune with my cycle and respect it…the more I am able to draw on its wonderful opportunities. Winter is absolutely essential…we need to draw back into our shell…to just be there in solitude…to make time for ourselves…to be good to ourselves…to nourish ourselves…to regain the strength to come out again…fully replenished…fully nourished…fully revitalised!

Om Chandra (Moon)

Silvia 🙂

Sunday 13Oct19 Full “Hunter’s Moon” in Aries

Dear Sol Yoga Friends,
It’s a Full Moon this coming Sunday and a very Special Moment for all of us!
All through Libra Season, one of the main themes we have been working on is our relationships. These include our relationships with others, our body, our mind, our soul, our money, and the world around us, and on October 13th, these lessons will peak with the Aries Full Moon. At this time, we are going to be encouraged to think about what next steps need to be taken or what new strategies need to be put into place when it comes to how we view our relationships.
– Tanaaz, Forever Conscious
What is your relationship with yourself? Is it time you gave yourself a bit more attention? Is it time to reflect on yourself and made yourself number one?
October and the Beginning of Autumn are the perfect time to bring “ourselves home” and become more reflective and started to care for ourselves a bit more. And there is no place like the Yoga Mat to go on this Journey of Discovery, Purification & Transformation!

Om Jyoti
Silvia 🙂

Full Moon Thursday 15Aug19

Full moon Thursday 15Aug19 – Things Reach a Peak

  • Astrologically, the sun and moon are in opposite zodiac signs during a full moon.
  • Opposing forces (such as emotions and reason or work and home) are said to reach their peak at a full moon.
  • This is the time of culmination of the intention set at the New Moon.Although “super-charged” and a time in which opposing forces are highlighted, it’s also a time of balance because solar yang and lunar yin energies are in harmony.
  • This is considered the easiest time to direct Prana through the Shushumna Nadi
  • A Time for Shedding & Releasing – This is said to be a time to reflect on those things that no longer serve us and to lovingly release them—a time for shedding and releasing.
  • Feminine Healing Energy – “In the Tantric tradition, the full moon is personified as feminine and bestows nectar. It is a time when moon gazing or moon honouring can bring forth powerful stillness and healing.” (Amy Ree)

Wishing you a Summer of Self Discovery! – Kriya Yoga

Wishing you all a Summer of Self Discovery!

In our last Yoga Sessions this Summer Term I wished you all a wonderful Summer of Self Discovery. I invite you to do your daily Sadhana (Practice) to continue your purification process with Yoga. I also introduced you to Kriya Yoga and Spinal Breathing.

Please observe this is an Advanced Yoga Practice and should only be performed by mature Yogis, who have been practising Yoga with me for a couple of years! Your System needs to be ready for this!

KRIYA – raising of energy to a Higher Level through Spine

SHAKTI KRIYA – Movement Meditation, where we physically locate Chakras

  • Root Chakra – Mooladhara – female: top of Cervix     male: 2cm above perenium
  • Sacral Chakra – Swadhistana – lump just above tail
  • Solar Chakra – Manipura – center of the spine opposite naval
  • Heart Chakra – Anahata – between shoulder blades
  • Throat Chakra – Lump back of Neck
  • 3rd Eye Chakra – Ajna – back of the head opposite point between eye brows

Take a few moments to declare your wish to open to life – Meditation is an offering rather than a demand!

Spinal Breathing: Inhale upwards from Mooladhara moving through each Chakra with your awareness – exhale from Ajna down to Mooladhara. 5 rounds after your Sadhana.

Wishing you all a joyful Summer of Self Discovery on your Yoga Mat!

Om Jyoti

Silvia <3


The Power of our Mind!

Along the line of our Living Yoga Topic this Summer Term of taking Yoga off our Yoga Mat and into our Life – this is utterly inspirational and life changing!

Om Jyoti

Silvia 🙂