Our Inner Power of Healing

“The Power that makes the Body, heals the Body!”

Based on Dr. Lorraine Day’s Experience of healing herself from Cancer, here the following vital points I extracted from her interview below for “Self Healing” – so simple:

1 Fresh Air – outdoor air always better than indoor air

2 Sunlight – Sun does not give us cancer – the way we are eating causes skin cancer

3 Plant based Diet – preferably Vegan & natural & in its natural form – raw & organic

4 No Sugar, no Caffeine, no Alcohol, nothing artificial – anything we out in: TV, Books..

5 Peace – release all anger! Set yourself free!

6 Exercise – Yoga!

7 WATER – biggest change – loosing 10 glasses of water per day – replenish!

8 Rest – between 22.00 – 2.00am Healing Hormones active – be asleep then!

9 In tune with Nature & Natural Law – we are meant to slow down as sun sets!

10 Trust – deep connection, trusting in our own Inner Power!

11 Gratitude – having an attitude of gratitude! Instant Tonic!

12 Benevolence – wishing everyone well! Getting outside ourselves!

Here is the full interview with Dr. Lorraine Day for you!

We are designed to heal!

Om Jyoti!

Silvia 🙂