Our Female Journey

Om Yoginis,

For those of you having been on one of our “Heal & nourish yourself with Yoga” Workshops focusing on “The Wonder of Menopause”, you are aware that every month we are following the circle of going through all seasons: spring, summer, autumn & winter. Our winter period coinciding with the New Moon.

Could you feel the influence of the New Moon this Tuesday?

Golly, I certainly could! I felt like crawling back into my shell and just being there in beautiful solitude – a little hermit crab.

And at the same time, I can now feel myself coming out of it again….slowly opening up to the spring phase of my cycle. Slowly waking up to life again, venturing more outwards….feeling a little more social….wishing to be with people again…going out there…waking up just like spring time!

And the more I stay in tune with my cycle and respect it…the more I am able to draw on its wonderful opportunities. Winter is absolutely essential…we need to draw back into our shell…to just be there in solitude…to make time for ourselves…to be good to ourselves…to nourish ourselves…to regain the strength to come out again…fully replenished…fully nourished…fully revitalised!

Om Chandra (Moon)

Silvia 🙂