Loving Life in Lock Down!

Yes, I am one of those! I am loving Life in Lock Down! And I am loving our interactive live streamed Yoga Classes with you all!

I am feeling very blessed to have this time. Nature is so amazingly beautiful – it’s like everything is even more beautiful and bigger than ever. And that wonderful peace….oooommm…have you listened to the sound of silence out there in the evenings and very early in the morning just before dawn chorus?…wow…absolutely wow…

This time is inviting us to be…yes, to just be…in every given moment. Do you find yourself slowing down?….allowing yourself to just be?

What a beautiful opportunity to create a sanctuary for ourselves and to indulge in our own life journey. I find myself really enjoying my own daily Sadhana to the sound of the birds. I have started to listen to Sadhguru’s daily Satsang and loving it. I have started to read my book on Ayurveda again.

And I am loving our online live streamed Dance & Yoga Classes! Being able to work from home – yippee! – the commute is a dream! – and it feels so much more intense and warm live streaming from home and seeing you all on your very own Yoga Mat at home. It brings a real closeness to our Sol Yoga Classes – a very special atmosphere.

Nothing will ever be the same again! How wonderful is this prospect! Life has changed irreversibly  for each and every one of us and who knows where it will take us. One thing is sure – it will be to a much better place than before – for us and for Nature!

With warmest Love to you all and looking forward to seeing you on the virtual Yoga Mat!

Silvia <3