Keeping our system strong and our mood lifted with our Feelgood Yoga!

We have made it to 3 months of our “New Way of Living” and a lot has changed for each and every one of us!

A lot of good has come out of it: we really appreciate nature: we love the peace of it, we admire the beauty of it and we love the clean air we are able to breathe. We have discovered how simple life can be and what and who truly matters to us. And most importantly, we have realised that it is down to us to take responsibility for our own health and well being! πŸ™‚

Slowly we are easing our way out of “lockdown” and it is more important than ever to keep our system strong and our mood lifted!

We are so lucky to have our wonderful Yoga! There is no better way to keep our system strong and our mood lifted! By breathing deeply we oxygenate our system and nourish every cell in our body. Breathing deeply purifies our system and gets rid of any toxins that have accumulated. By moving our body gently we are keeping our body working perfectly and at the same time we are keeping our mood lifted. Moving our body in sync with our breath allows us to enter a meditative state of being and to travel deeper inside ourselves, where we discover this treasure trove of joy, happiness and enormous strength and courage – our True Nature and our Natural Way of Being!

Golly, Yoga has made me so strong – inside and out! I have become so resilient! And it has enable me to be with all the challenges in life – including this “lockdown”! πŸ™‚

I absolutely love all our online live streamed Yoga Classes! Yoga really works so well online! I would have never thought is possible – I have been asked before to offer online Yoga Classes and gently declined them as something that isn’t my cup of tea! Ha, ha and look at me now! πŸ™‚ Even our youngest Yogis love them and we are getting so much joy out of our virtual Yoga Journey together!

It will be a long time yet before we are able to return to the actual Yoga mat – so let’s make the most of our wonderful time together on the virtual Yoga Mat and keep our system strong and our mood lifted with our Feelgood Yoga!

I even managed to take you all to our next level: our Living Yoga 2 Level where we explore a higher level of Yoga! This Summer Term we are venturing into Chakra Shuddhi – Chakra Purification! Find out for yourself on the virtual Yoga mat what an amazing experience this is!

Loving our journey together!

Silvia πŸ™‚