Don’t feel locked down by Lockdown 3!

Here we are in week 2 of Lockdown 3 and some of you are finding it very hard indeed. And I am saying: don’t feel locked down in Lockdown 3. We are so very blessed: we know of the Power of Yoga! We know we have everything inside us to allow us to be with absolutely EVERYTHING! Time to turn our perspective round: how about if we used everything that Life presents us with as an opportunity?

This time I am offering you a book recommendation: “How Yoga Works”. It’s a story set in ancient time of someone experiencing the liberating Power of Yoga even while imprisoned. And it’s beautiful!

I read an article this morning of how much our children and youngsters are suffering at the moment. Mental Health issues amongst the age group of 5 to 16 have gone up by 20% compared to last year.

Yet, all this suffering can be eased by introducing those children and youngsters to the amazing healing power of Yoga! Yoga allows us to tap into our own innate Power – we have everything we could possibly need inside us already!

We are going to have to live with this situation with Covid-19 for quite a while yet and it will be a while before enough of us are being vaccinated to make a difference. So we have no option but to look after ourselves and do everything in our Power to stay strong! How ever young we are, we can do it!

So find your Inner Freedom and get on the Yoga mat! Join me for a journey of discovery and transformation – waking up your Inner Superpower!

With warmest Love

Silvia <3