Our Inner Power of Healing

“The Power that makes the Body, heals the Body!”

Based on Dr. Lorraine Day’s Experience of healing herself from Cancer, here the following vital points I extracted from her interview below for “Self Healing” – so simple:

1 Fresh Air – outdoor air always better than indoor air

2 Sunlight – Sun does not give us cancer – the way we are eating causes skin cancer

3 Plant based Diet – preferably Vegan & natural & in its natural form – raw & organic

4 No Sugar, no Caffeine, no Alcohol, nothing artificial – anything we out in: TV, Books..

5 Peace – release all anger! Set yourself free!

6 Exercise – Yoga!

7 WATER – biggest change – loosing 10 glasses of water per day – replenish!

8 Rest – between 22.00 – 2.00am Healing Hormones active – be asleep then!

9 In tune with Nature & Natural Law – we are meant to slow down as sun sets!

10 Trust – deep connection, trusting in our own Inner Power!

11 Gratitude – having an attitude of gratitude! Instant Tonic!

12 Benevolence – wishing everyone well! Getting outside ourselves!

Here is the full interview with Dr. Lorraine Day for you!

We are designed to heal!

Om Jyoti!

Silvia 🙂

Our Journey with Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga

Our Sol Yoga Classes are called “Living Yoga” Classes as we take our Yoga off the mat and into our Life!

Yoga is a Journey of Transformation and Purification and this does not just happen on the mat – it happens in our daily Life! Life is there to grow us so we are able to reach our full potential and be all we can be!

We love taking our Journey with Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga in particularly focusing on the Yamas – our relationship with Life and the Niyamas – our relationship with ourselves. All those observances are universal and as valid today as 2500 years ago and they bring us those wonderful Eureka Moments!


Ahimsa – non violence – be natural!

Satya – Truth – living in alignment with Truth!

Asteya – non stealing – being authentic!

Brahmacharya – celibacy – being wise with our Energy!

Aparigraha – non grasping – let go and trust in life!


Saucha – purification – the wish to live cleaner!

Santosha – contentment – be perfectly content and yet aspire to be all we can be!

Tapasya – austerity – growing through the “Burn” of life/ the challenges!

Svadhyaya – self study/observation – seeing it first step to change!

Ishvara Pranidhana – surrender to Bigger Energy – surrendering to Life!

Looking forward to seeing you on the Yoga Mat and sharing this amazing Journey with you!

Om Jyoti

Silvia 🙂

Learn to stop

Learn to stop and you will learn stability,

once stable, you will learn to rest,

in rest, you will learn serenity,

in serenity, you will learn to reflect,

and through reflection you will succeed.


Full Moon Fri 23Nov18 – we are all Cyclical Beings


It’s a Full Moon today, Fri 23Nov18!

The Full Moon harnesses a very Special Power for us – it amplifies the Energy of the Moment. It also signifies a New Beginning – putting into action the steps we prepared at the First Quarter Moon last Thu, 15Nov18.

  • There is a natural cycle of life, moving through beginning, sustaining and letting go. By attuning to the rhythms of natural cycles, we are attempting to tap into the intelligence from which the cycle originates.
  • The rhythms and cycles of nature teach us how things are connected, and how to align with the natural flow.
  • So we are drawing our attention us being cyclical beings and every month going through seasonal changes whether we are male or female. Naturally this is particularly pronounced if you are female and menstruating! The day you start menstruating, is the first day of your Cycle!
  • If you are female and menopausal than the first day of your Cycle starts on the Full Moon, so today!
  • Yet I would like to encourage all of us, whether we are male or female to observe our emotional changes throughout the month. Once we discover patterns, we can stay in tune with ourselves and make the most of our “seasonal power” of the month! – You might discover that the low feeling that you have been feeling is actually perfectly normal, as you find yourself in the midst of your winter! Being authentic is the way to discover your true nature and reaching your Full Potential!
  • Winter – stirs in us the need to be more reclusive, more in our shell
  • Spring – we are coming out of our shell, becoming more sociable – just like Spring, starting to blossom and grow
  • Summer – we are in full bloom, we feel social, we feel beautiful, we feel sexy (ovulation)
  • Autumn – we are becoming more reflective, drawing back in – a fabulous time for clearing out stuff!
  • …and then we are drawing back into Winter – even 1 or 2 hours before your period is due, if you are menstruating, the characteristics of Winter can be massively amplified!

Discovery yourself through the monthly seasons and use your seasonal powers wisely & creatively!

Om Jyoti

Silvia 🙂






The 6 Keys to Success in Living Yoga!

1 VEERYA – Enthusiasm

2 TITIKSHA –  Perseverance

3 VIVEKA – Discrimination

4 SHRADDHA – Unshakable Faith

5 PARAKRAMA – Courage

6 SANGHA – Inspiring Company

Here are the 6 Keys of Success in Living Yoga that we reflected on in our Sol Yoga Living Yoga Classes over the last 6 weeks – Keys to Success in our Sadhana (Practice) as well as in Life!

Om Jyoti (Light)

Silvia 🙂

The Yamas & Niyamas – Universal & Timeless Principles for Life!

The first 2 steps: The Yamas & Niyamas – Universal & Timeless Principles for Life!

THE YAMAS – The Five Yogic Secrets to a Fulfilled Life:

AHIMSA – Non Violence – Be natural and live in line with Nature!
                 Siddhi (Superpower)- Any conflict that comes into your proximity will love its                                                       power!

SATYA-  Truth – Live your Truth!
Siddhi – One who is living & talking truthfully will therefore truthfully manifest!

ASTEYA- Non Stealing – Be yourself! Be authentic!
                Siddhi – You are going to discover you have everything you need – in fact
more than you need!

BRAHMACHARYA- Celebacy – Use your Energy wisely and put it in everything you do!
                                Siddhi – OJAS – Energy of Sexual Life, which has been absorbed
in System – it manifests as Radiance, Lustre, Vitality &
Supreme Confidence!

APARIGRAHA- Non Possessiveness – not hanging on to things and people!
Siddhi – You find the true meaning of your Existence – why you are here
and what you are here to do!

THE NIYAMAS – The 5 Yogic Principles to a Harmonious Inner Life:

SAUCHA – Purification – The wish to live cleaner & cleaner!
                  Siddhi – Clarity to be able to see will become enhanced – it reveals Samadhi!

SANTOSHA- Contentment – To be perfectly content & yet aspire to be all you can be!
                     Siddhi – You find supreme Happiness & End to seeking! 

TAPASYA- Austerity, Challenge – Burn always comes when I am facing myself on a
                                                     new Level!
Siddhi – 1 Impurities will be burned off!
2 Great Energy, Strength & Power will come to you!
It is out of the Fire that you will acquire your realisation of your Own

SVADYAYA- Self-observation, Self-study – What you can see about yourself – you can
Siddhi – You become that which you worship!

ISHVARA PRANIDHANA- Surrendering to Bigger Energy/Source – Surrendering into
                                                                                                          Life & letting go
of yourself!
Siddhi – Samadhi!

We have been taking a Journey with the Yamas & Niyamas over the last 10 weeks of our Summer Term 2018 – they are Universal Timeless Principles that will be with us for the rest of our Life! They make our Life fulfilled and joyful and makes us into joyful & fulfilled Beings!

Wishing you all a joyful Summer and looking forward to seeing you in September!



Our Sol Yoga Sangha Facebook Group

Happy Autumn Time to you all!

It’s that time of year, when we draw in, become more reflective. The time of change, change of season, change of colours…beautiful warm colours…

So you might like to join us at our Sol Yoga Sangha Facebook Group:


It’s a wonderful way of exchanging thoughts, feelings, pieces of wisdom or just some funny postings with one another!

Looking forward to seeing you there as well as at our lovely Sol Yoga Living Yoga Sessions every week!

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