Healing and nourishing ourselves with Yoga

Yes, strange times we currently live in – our “New Normal”. All we can do is be in every given moment and do our very best with whatever arises. Neither of us know what lies ahead.

Yet, naturally the mind boggles. Thoughts coming in unsettling us…uncertainty…feeling in limbo…we are all very much in our heads at the moment…doing our best to find our way in this “New Normal”.

Yesterday was such a glorious Autumn Day! Beautiful Autumn Sunshine – the Autumn Light is just amazing! So, I felt like “getting out of my head” and took myself off for a walk. I feel so blessed living in the countryside – I just have to walk out of the door and I am in Nature! Walking up the hill through a lovely small wood. Stunningly warm Autumn colours everywhere, what Bliss! Apart from blowing away my cobwebs and clearing my head, I find walking always amazingly grounding. Getting in touch with earth again, finding my feet again, standing with both feet in life. And I do tend to get inspirations in Nature too. Yoga is Union, so walking is Yoga too – Union with Nature!

It is so important to ground ourselves at the moment and get back into our body and look after it really well! This is why we are currently focusing on our wonderful Feelgood Flow at our Sol Yoga Classes and moving our body from the inside out. Every single Asana (Pose) in our Flow is a Doorway to the Infinite! We are meeting ourselves on a new level – as the Divine Being we are in Union with the rest of the Universe and all of Creation! Every time we get on our Yoga mat we are healing and nourishing ourselves! Shedding aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us and letting in new Life Force that replenishes us!

I absolutely love our live streamed interactive online Sol Yoga Classes with you all! They really work and the energy is amazing!

I continue to be in awe of our amazing practice: Yoga does Wonders for us all – it keeps us strong, happy & healthy and ready to face whatever Life is presenting us with!

Om Shakti (Life)

Silvia 🙂


Keeping our system strong and our mood lifted with our Feelgood Yoga!

We have made it to 3 months of our “New Way of Living” and a lot has changed for each and every one of us!

A lot of good has come out of it: we really appreciate nature: we love the peace of it, we admire the beauty of it and we love the clean air we are able to breathe. We have discovered how simple life can be and what and who truly matters to us. And most importantly, we have realised that it is down to us to take responsibility for our own health and well being! 🙂

Slowly we are easing our way out of “lockdown” and it is more important than ever to keep our system strong and our mood lifted!

We are so lucky to have our wonderful Yoga! There is no better way to keep our system strong and our mood lifted! By breathing deeply we oxygenate our system and nourish every cell in our body. Breathing deeply purifies our system and gets rid of any toxins that have accumulated. By moving our body gently we are keeping our body working perfectly and at the same time we are keeping our mood lifted. Moving our body in sync with our breath allows us to enter a meditative state of being and to travel deeper inside ourselves, where we discover this treasure trove of joy, happiness and enormous strength and courage – our True Nature and our Natural Way of Being!

Golly, Yoga has made me so strong – inside and out! I have become so resilient! And it has enable me to be with all the challenges in life – including this “lockdown”! 🙂

I absolutely love all our online live streamed Yoga Classes! Yoga really works so well online! I would have never thought is possible – I have been asked before to offer online Yoga Classes and gently declined them as something that isn’t my cup of tea! Ha, ha and look at me now! 🙂 Even our youngest Yogis love them and we are getting so much joy out of our virtual Yoga Journey together!

It will be a long time yet before we are able to return to the actual Yoga mat – so let’s make the most of our wonderful time together on the virtual Yoga Mat and keep our system strong and our mood lifted with our Feelgood Yoga!

I even managed to take you all to our next level: our Living Yoga 2 Level where we explore a higher level of Yoga! This Summer Term we are venturing into Chakra Shuddhi – Chakra Purification! Find out for yourself on the virtual Yoga mat what an amazing experience this is!

Loving our journey together!

Silvia 🙂


Loving Life in Lock Down!

Yes, I am one of those! I am loving Life in Lock Down! And I am loving our interactive live streamed Yoga Classes with you all!

I am feeling very blessed to have this time. Nature is so amazingly beautiful – it’s like everything is even more beautiful and bigger than ever. And that wonderful peace….oooommm…have you listened to the sound of silence out there in the evenings and very early in the morning just before dawn chorus?…wow…absolutely wow…

This time is inviting us to be…yes, to just be…in every given moment. Do you find yourself slowing down?….allowing yourself to just be?

What a beautiful opportunity to create a sanctuary for ourselves and to indulge in our own life journey. I find myself really enjoying my own daily Sadhana to the sound of the birds. I have started to listen to Sadhguru’s daily Satsang and loving it. I have started to read my book on Ayurveda again.

And I am loving our online live streamed Dance & Yoga Classes! Being able to work from home – yippee! – the commute is a dream! – and it feels so much more intense and warm live streaming from home and seeing you all on your very own Yoga Mat at home. It brings a real closeness to our Sol Yoga Classes – a very special atmosphere.

Nothing will ever be the same again! How wonderful is this prospect! Life has changed irreversibly  for each and every one of us and who knows where it will take us. One thing is sure – it will be to a much better place than before – for us and for Nature!

With warmest Love to you all and looking forward to seeing you on the virtual Yoga Mat!

Silvia <3



Bring Light into your Life with our online live streamed Sol Yoga Classes!

Bring light into your Life with our online live streamed Sol Yoga Classes!

Yoga is particularly beneficial for us all at the moment, as it is a process of purification in every way! It keeps us breathing deeply and so keeps our system clean & strong! And it energises our homes with wonderful positive energy!

Yoga Class for children: £7/€8
Mon 16.45 – 17.15

Yoga Classes for Grown-ups: £12/ €14
Thu 18.15 – 19.15
Fri 11.30 – 12.30

Yogi from all over Europe are joining us now! 🙂

It’s very simple:
– chose your class
– pay by BACS or IBAN (details on our website)
– and we send you your Zoom link for your class!

Looking forward to seeing you on the virtual Yoga Mat!
Silvia 🙂


Live Streaming our Sol Yoga Classes to keep us healthy in times of Covid-19

Dear Sol Yoga Friends,
Max and I hope you are all well and are keeping your spirits up in our current situation we all find ourselves in!
As the saying goes:
    “Whatever Life throws at you – turn it into your Fortune!”
The situation with Covid-19 is changing rapidly and we are all being called up to flow with it. In light of the latest Government Advice from Monday on Social Distancing Max and I have decided your Health is the most important thing to us and are starting to “live stream” all our Sol Yoga Living Yoga Classes as of tomorrow, Thu 19Mar20! We shall be using ZOOM!
All you need is your computer or Ipad or whatever device and here is how it works:
– pay for your class online by BACS:
  Salsa y Sol
  prices stay the same to keep it simple!
  If you have paid already for a course or Block of 10 – we honour this
– you will then go on our list for your chosen Yoga Class and be sent your link!
– you click on this link and if you haven’t got ZOOM already, you will
  get an invitation to download it. Very easy – only takes 1 – 2mins.
– and then you join us at the right time!
  Great thing is – you are now free to join us wherever you are in the World!
Here is our Weekly Sol Yoga “Live Streaming” Time Table for you:
16.45 – 17.15 Sol Yoga for Children
18.15 – 19.15 Sol Yoga Living Yoga
11.30 – 12.30 Sol Yoga Living Yoga
Looking forward to seeing you on the Yoga Mat in the comfort of your own home!
Silvia 🙂

Nourish & strengthen yourself with Yoga!

Dear Sol Yoga Friends,

The current strand of the Coronavirus has caused us all to be wide awake and do our very best to stay healthy! All we can do is keep our Immune System strong by living a healthy life!

Yoga is the most wonderful way of doing just that!
Yoga is a process of purification and transformation and makes us incredibly strong and resilient – just what we need at the moment!

On a practical level – let’s keep it simple:
– if you have recently come from Italy or China – please do stay at home!
– if you have a cold – please stay at home!
– at our Yoga Classes:
– we’ve stopped hugging (it’s hard, yet had to be done!)
– we encourage you to wash your hands regularly with soap & water and hand sanitisers are available too – the ones that actually kill viruses!!!!

Yoga is a most wonderful way of keeping us feeling good and keep our Immune System strong!

So let’s enjoy our Feelgood Yoga together!

Looking forward to seeing you on the Yoga Mat!

Silvia ☀
Sol Yoga

Opening up to Life – Yoga our Journey of Discovery

Spring is in the air and Nature is starting to wake up! It’s an invitation to open up to Life! Opening up the a new adventure and taking a journey to that deepest part of us – revealing who we truly are!
Yoga is an ancient science given to us to purify ourselves through movement & breathing, shedding any layers that no longer serve us and discovering our True Self in the process!
Let’s go on this Journey of Discovery together!

Looking forward to seeing you on the Yoga Mat!

Om Jyoti
Silvia 🙂

Fri 21Feb20 Maha Shivaratri

Fri 21Feb 20 Maha Shivaratri

Shivaratri means the “great night of Shiva.”
Maha Shivaratri is dedicated to honouring and celebrating Shiva, the first guru of Yoga, the “auspicious one” or consciousness.
Mahashivaratri, ‘The Great Night of Shiva’ is the most significant event in India’s spiritual calendar… On this night, the northern hemisphere of the planet is positioned in such a way that there is a natural upsurge of energy in a human being. This is a day when nature is pushing one towards one’s spiritual peak.
The perfect time to get on the Yoga Mat and join our Sol Yoga Living Yoga Classes!
Looking forward to celebrating this amazing occasion with you!

Om Jyoti
Silvia 🙂

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for YOU!

We find ourselves at the beginning of a New Year, at the beginning of the new 20s – the beginning of a New Era. We live in tumultuous times both in nature and in our outgrown political systems. It can easily make us feel powerless and trapped. Yet, Life in its essence is there for us to grow in! Life is always about us and about our own individual journey and what matters is how we are with Life! We need to remind ourselves of this and never lose sight of the real reason why we are here in our beautiful planet Earth. Life is breathing us and Life is living us – so we are alive and have a role to play in Life!

Each and every one of us is immensely powerful. We are able to affect our surrounding just by being. We are able to affect our surrounding by making wise choices and acting them out. Yet, so few of us are aware of this power.

So how are we able to discover our own inner power and how are we able to tap into it to change our Life for the better?

Yoga has been given to us the most wonderful method to take an inward journey and discover our own inner power. By moving our body in synchronicity with our breath we are opening up and travelling deeper inside ourselves. Over time we are discovering subtle changes and our body and our system are giving us feedback. We are starting to listen more and more and trusting in our own feelings, hunches and feedback from our system.

At this very moment in our Life, it has become so important for us to be aware of our own power. This is a big Call Up for us to take responsibility for ourselves, for our own well-being for our own healing process for our own Life. Whatever is going on outside, whether it be in our own country or world wide – we are able to lead a joyful and fulfilled life and we discover that we have the power to make a difference in our own Life as well as globally! As more and more of us are waking up to our own innate power and happiness that resides in us at all times as it is our true nature – we are collectively affecting our surroundings and our beautiful planet Earth! Life is meant to be joyful and we are the change that is making it happen! 🙂

Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

May all being find their happiness within themselves

Om Jyoti

Silvia 🙂





Thursday, 26Dec19 – Happy Boxing Day with a powerful Solar Eclipse!

Happy Boxing Day 2019!

We have woken up to a powerful Solar Eclipse this morning! A Solar Eclipse means that the Moon covers the light from the Sun – it stand between the Earth and the Sun. This happens during the New Moon. The New Moon calls us to draw within, be more reflective and uncover our inner most potential. The Solar Eclipse allows us to tap into this potential and unleash an energy of change over the next couple of months! A new beginning on our journey of becoming more and more our authentic Self!

With warmest Christmas Wishes to you all!

Silvia 🙂