A “cool” way to boost our Immune System!

Happy Thursday lovely Yogi Friends!

Here we go again: Lockdown 2 has just started. Some of you might find this rather difficult and some of you are able to flow with it better. For me personally, I really don’t mind at all – whatever it takes to help us all stay healthy and save lives!

There is no easy answer out of this situation with Covid-19 – one thing is for sure: it’s not worth getting it!

So what can we do?

Yes, there is something we can do: we can keep our Immune System strong and resilient! There is a really “cool” way to boost your Immune System – yes, literally: it’s taking a cold shower every morning! 🙂

What? I hear you saying? It’s cold enough as it is – a “cold shower” – you must be joking!

My own Yoga Teacher Steve has just invited us all to a “30 day cold shower challenge”. At first, I was just like you – what? you can’t be serious, I freeze from Sep to May as it is! – yet, then something swung it for me: I can have my usual warm shower and then just at the end I turn the dial for initially only a few seconds to cold…wow, Yogis it feels really good! 🙂 Certainly nothing feels cold after this cold shower spell – everything afterwards feels warm! 🙂

And it does wonders for our Immune System:

  • the body starts working to keep us warm – so it raises our metabolic rate
  • with the result of an increased production in white blood cells responsible for giving us a robust immune system and powering up to fight off viruses
  • and it really gives you a kick start for the day!
  • breathing slowly and deeply through the cold shower really helps and just a few seconds do the trick – we need to go easy and build up slowly!

I am currently on day 5 and it feels great! – I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

We are called up to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing!

So looking forward to seeing you on the Yoga mat to continue our healing and nourishing journey with Yoga!

Silvia <3