Live Streaming our Sol Yoga Classes to keep us healthy in times of Covid-19

Dear Sol Yoga Friends,
Max and I hope you are all well and are keeping your spirits up in our current situation we all find ourselves in!
As the saying goes:
    “Whatever Life throws at you – turn it into your Fortune!”
The situation with Covid-19 is changing rapidly and we are all being called up to flow with it. In light of the latest Government Advice from Monday on Social Distancing Max and I have decided your Health is the most important thing to us and are starting to “live stream” all our Sol Yoga Living Yoga Classes as of tomorrow, Thu 19Mar20! We shall be using ZOOM!
All you need is your computer or Ipad or whatever device and here is how it works:
– pay for your class online by BACS:
  Salsa y Sol
  prices stay the same to keep it simple!
  If you have paid already for a course or Block of 10 – we honour this
– you will then go on our list for your chosen Yoga Class and be sent your link!
– you click on this link and if you haven’t got ZOOM already, you will
  get an invitation to download it. Very easy – only takes 1 – 2mins.
– and then you join us at the right time!
  Great thing is – you are now free to join us wherever you are in the World!
Here is our Weekly Sol Yoga “Live Streaming” Time Table for you:
16.45 – 17.15 Sol Yoga for Children
18.15 – 19.15 Sol Yoga Living Yoga
11.30 – 12.30 Sol Yoga Living Yoga
Looking forward to seeing you on the Yoga Mat in the comfort of your own home!
Silvia 🙂

Nourish & strengthen yourself with Yoga!

Dear Sol Yoga Friends,

The current strand of the Coronavirus has caused us all to be wide awake and do our very best to stay healthy! All we can do is keep our Immune System strong by living a healthy life!

Yoga is the most wonderful way of doing just that!
Yoga is a process of purification and transformation and makes us incredibly strong and resilient – just what we need at the moment!

On a practical level – let’s keep it simple:
– if you have recently come from Italy or China – please do stay at home!
– if you have a cold – please stay at home!
– at our Yoga Classes:
– we’ve stopped hugging (it’s hard, yet had to be done!)
– we encourage you to wash your hands regularly with soap & water and hand sanitisers are available too – the ones that actually kill viruses!!!!

Yoga is a most wonderful way of keeping us feeling good and keep our Immune System strong!

So let’s enjoy our Feelgood Yoga together!

Looking forward to seeing you on the Yoga Mat!

Silvia ☀
Sol Yoga