Full Moon Thursday 15Aug19

Full moon Thursday 15Aug19 – Things Reach a Peak

  • Astrologically, the sun and moon are in opposite zodiac signs during a full moon.
  • Opposing forces (such as emotions and reason or work and home) are said to reach their peak at a full moon.
  • This is the time of culmination of the intention set at the New Moon.Although “super-charged” and a time in which opposing forces are highlighted, it’s also a time of balance because solar yang and lunar yin energies are in harmony.
  • This is considered the easiest time to direct Prana through the Shushumna Nadi
  • A Time for Shedding & Releasing – This is said to be a time to reflect on those things that no longer serve us and to lovingly release them—a time for shedding and releasing.
  • Feminine Healing Energy – “In the Tantric tradition, the full moon is personified as feminine and bestows nectar. It is a time when moon gazing or moon honouring can bring forth powerful stillness and healing.” (Amy Ree)